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But I'm Married is an online peer-based gathering spot for women who are, or have been, married to a man but love a woman.  This facebook stylized site offers members a place to meet others with similar struggles, and the opportunity to share your experiences so that you may all gain strength and insight from one another's journey.  This is NOT THERAPY or in anyway related to therapy. This is a peer-based place to gather on the internet. Please respect yourself, each other, and the community you create here.


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I joined quite awhile ago but am just posting now! Glad to be a part of the blog and hope it stays active. I am married 25 years to the same man and find myself in love with a woman with whom I find much love, compassion, often laughter and spirtitual connection but to say it is complicated is a VAST understatement. I have kids that I adore and while I am not in love with my husband, I love him and don't want to see him hurt. My kids just went off to college and my husband and are alone for the first time in ove 20 years... it is awkward to say the least but I love my little family more than anything! What to do? Talk about it, share, don't be alone with it. That's why I am here! Will post more later!

by abiding1

Michele OMara

Okay, so this site was/is an experiment. I need to see the site being used to feel compelled to continue paying to keep it alive and running. I welcome your feedback.

by Michele OMara